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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rebecca and John got married !! { Atlanta Wedding Photographer }

Please forgive me for the amount of images I am blogging this time. This is not only an awesome wedding but the bride is my sisters daughter and it was awesome being around my family all day... I thought I would share some extra images to let you kind of "meet the family :)" Rebecca and John are sooooo in love and were sooo sweet ! I don't know when I have ever seen a more grateful bride. There is nothing more beautiful than thankfulness and Rebecca spent the day thanking everyone that contributed in any way ALL day.... including me :) I love you Rebecca and John ! Welcome to the family John... there are a BUNCH of us and we are sooooo happy you love Rebecca ! She is such a precious one !!!

My sister Stephanie doing Rebecca's make up :) Love you Steph !!
That is Maggie in the corner getting her guitar to practice for the wedding :)

I think this is my favorite shoe shot.. maybe .... ever !

I gave Maggie one of my cameras to get a few more angles and she took this shot :)

Maggie really enjoys telling stories to little people and they hang on every word... I had to get a picture :) We love our little people !

My Robert :) My Daddy just said, sing for me... He has been doing that with me since.... well, forever.... Robert sings for me all the time :) His voice is a gift to anyone who hears it ! My Daddy loved it, of course !
Our beautiful Rebecca !

She really wanted to see John and hear him before the wedding but didn't want him to see her... Isn't this awesome ? They were both so sweet !

These beautiful girls are my sister Becky's girls... Aren't they beautiful ?

She also has a brother, Robert ! I LOVE THAT ROBERT ! He has the best heart :)
Becky's Family !!!!!
I love these images of my sister and her baby on her wedding day !

All of these little girls belong to Rebecca's sisters ... My great Nieces.. We have some pretty girls !


Time for the ceremony ....
Proud Bob with the his sweetheart.... they have been together forever and it is awesome !

When they got down the isle they just leaned on eachother and I had to fight back getting emotional so I didn't miss anything... I'm so glad they have eachother !

Look at the expression on the little people's faces... so cute!

Robert grabbed the camera and got this one. He always makes me smile!
Look at the little jumpers... I love it !!
I probably shouldn't have put another jumping shot on the blog... but look at this one... I love the rose in his mouth :)

I love happy endings !
Believe it or not .... THIS is my family !!!! Meet the family !!! I LOVE THEM :)
My sister Becky with a nephew John Robert... That boy loves to dance ! John Robert, add ME to your dance card child !!!
I love this picture. My daddy dancing with Becky !
My Robert :)
It was a family wedding... I WANTED to dance too.... I gave Maggie my camera and I grabbed Robert... I LOVE this man :)
My Momma and Daddy. I have seen them dance my whole life and it still makes me smile.

I love these people ! Everyone you just saw is important to me and it is really cool to combine my camera with so many important people to me :) GO HUG YOUR FAMILY !!!!


Allison said...

First off, let me just say that there is no shortage of beauty in your family my friend. Goodness, every person I see is as beautiful as the last one.

These are stunning images, full of life and love and happiness. I adore her gown, one of the most gorgeous I have seen. I just love every image! Great work Cindy!!!

Christi said...

OMW..... I am sooooooo jealous that for one, I didn't have a wedding and for two, that I didn't get pictures like this!!! You are wonderful!!! Amazing!!!!

Picture Perfect said...

These are stunning Cindy!! And I agree w/Alli about the gown - gorgeous!