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I am so glad you have come to visit my Blog. I am a momma, photographer, musician, teacher, singer, friend and a female making my way through this life discovering new parts of me and the world everyday. Come take this journey with me... Through my blog, you can look thru my window into what my eyes, heart and camera lens see on my journey... I can't wait to share it with you !

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I believe that treasuring the people in our life not only helps the people in our life but helps US. It is so easy to get so caught up in the daily routine of life that we forget the best gifts are the people that live with us. I want to use my camera and vision to show you what you have in the connections to the people you love. It is the greatest treasure we have in this life. When a mom can see how her children listen to her and respond to her she knows her daily energy into her family is building people. When a man can see that the best life has to offer him is in his own house that is a beautiful thing. It is something I can do. I want to be a blessing and that is what heals me ! I love this job ! I truly believe families can be glued together with one really special photograph. It is such a cool thing to walk into a family feel the dynamics that are unique to their special relationships and translate that into a hard copy image. Sometimes we need to have a real image in our hand of what we hope with our heart is true. I want to do that for you ! I am a proud member of the professional photographers association 770.547.1018

Saturday, May 31, 2008

More wedding images !!!

I had a little fun with some photoshop in the first couple of images... Just trying something different.. feel free to let me know what you think ! I had a beautiful, beautiful location and two gorgeous people! This was tooooo much fun !!

There is nothing more romantic to me than a beautiful sillouette.. I love these !

Beautiful place with beautiful people... Doesn't get any better than that !!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Katie and Craig :)

Katie and Craig have been sweet friends of mine for years and it is so cool to see what great parents they are !!! Look at their precious family and they are as good and sweet on the inside as they appear... The world would be a much better place with more Katie and Craig's... I just love them and love their babies.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Cox Family

I got to spend some time with the cox family ! What a sweet bunch... Thank you for inviting me into your lives for a little while and let me capture a few moments. I am so glad you all live close enough to eachother to really allow your kids to get to know one another and raise kids together... Momma and Daddy Cox are a blessing to both your families and they love those grandkids !! YEY, for BIG family love !!! Thank you again !!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Graduation Night...

My dearest friend's baby girl graduated tonight... I have been taking pictures of all of these precious people for years... I love them so much ! It isn't often in your life that you find a connection to someone who isn't blood and it feels so much like family ! Carla and I have been raising our kids together.. picking up from school... listening to chorus concerts side by side... mourning break ups of and new found love lives of our kids...getting excited about them getting into college... moving them in dorms...out of dorms... more graduations from college and now celebrating new jobs, adult lives... and I hope we are side by side one day welcoming grandchildren and repeating this all over again with them. I love these Branch girls and Carla... You know I love you like a sister and am so thankful God placed you in my life ! I had no idea the impact of Maggie and Casey being in the same class. God brought me a life long friend... Enjoy a few pic's I took just before greaduation !!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Little Mason is here :)

I met the nicest family!! One of the really awesome parts of this job is coming into contact with new people and really enjoy sharing in something really awesome ! Mason is AWESOME!! I love new babies...and Mason is a fantastic new person. He was so content... He hardly fussed the whole time we were together.. He has so many so close to love and protect him...grandparents, aunts, uncles, sweet loving parents, even the family dog loves and protects this little one. He has a beautiful life in front of him and so many will love watching !! Thank you so much for asking me to take his first pictures... I LOVED it !!!! There are so many more to come...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Natalie and Michael got Married !!!!!!

This setting was so perfect ! Perfect southern elegance.... wild flowers in mason jars, a creek right there, tons of family taking care of every detail and a beautiful bride and groom ! That is the wedding I got to photograph this past saturday.... Lucky me !!!! I thought I would put just a few up to give you a look into that sweet event :) Enjoy !!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Matt's senior pictures

Matt has the coolest stuff around where he lives... These backgrounds were so much fun to work with... Matt, thank you for working with me :) I know having your picture made can sometimes be painful and you were so sweet for putting up with me ! Thank you to your sweet Momma ! Matt, you have a huge fan ..... your momma loves you some kind of huge !!!! What a blessing to have a mom who spends so much time and energy to make your life so smooth and sweet ! Enjoy eachother this last year of highschool and thank you for letting me capture a few moments and help them to last a little longer.....