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I am so glad you have come to visit my Blog. I am a momma, photographer, musician, teacher, singer, friend and a female making my way through this life discovering new parts of me and the world everyday. Come take this journey with me... Through my blog, you can look thru my window into what my eyes, heart and camera lens see on my journey... I can't wait to share it with you !

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I believe that treasuring the people in our life not only helps the people in our life but helps US. It is so easy to get so caught up in the daily routine of life that we forget the best gifts are the people that live with us. I want to use my camera and vision to show you what you have in the connections to the people you love. It is the greatest treasure we have in this life. When a mom can see how her children listen to her and respond to her she knows her daily energy into her family is building people. When a man can see that the best life has to offer him is in his own house that is a beautiful thing. It is something I can do. I want to be a blessing and that is what heals me ! I love this job ! I truly believe families can be glued together with one really special photograph. It is such a cool thing to walk into a family feel the dynamics that are unique to their special relationships and translate that into a hard copy image. Sometimes we need to have a real image in our hand of what we hope with our heart is true. I want to do that for you ! I am a proud member of the professional photographers association 770.547.1018

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rome Day 2

Rome, Italy.... Day 2

We have walked our little legs off and my camera has been clicking all day ! I can not wait to download them and see what I got. We have tried to take in as much as we could.We saw the piazza venezia, castel angelo, Vatican museum, st. Peters cathedral, piazza navona, pantheon, collosseum, trevi fountain and forum of Augustus in one walk! It has been such an awesome thing to experience all this with my oldest girls... God is soooo good ! Blogger is still not letting me upload my pictures to my blog so I may only be able to tell you about what we are doing until I get back and then upload the pictures... I do have several up on Facebook. If you are not on FaceBook .... NOW is the time.. It is so much fun ! Send me a friend request :)

Tomorrow is the day I shoot a wedding here in Italy... the reason we came :) I am really, really looking forward to this !!! It is the first of MANY weddings out of the country in my future ... I have several on my calender for this year and I hope to book several more ! I would never have imagined that photography would lead me to so many beautiful places and amazing people... I am just so thankful !!!!

Please pray for awesome skills and equipment that responds to me tomorrow !

Friday, June 26, 2009

Rome... Day 1

Finally I got to upload a few pics from day 1 :)

We are having a great time !!! Unfortunately, I am one of those people who can not for the life of me sleep on an airplane . We flew all night and arrived in Rome at 8:45 in the morning. Melody, Maggie and myself looked around and 90% of the plane was sound asleep :( Those seats are just not made for sleeping...Maybe if Robert was there to snuggle up to it would be possible... but he is home... How could all those people be so peacefully asleep... Oh well... we enjoyed visiting and watching movies ! I am taking a ton of pictures but for some reason Blogger will not let me upload them here... I will try again later. If you are my facebook friend you can see several there :)

Thank you for all the prayers for a safe journey... So far so good ! I just can not believe we are here :)

Tomorrow we are going to the Vatican.. YEY!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Off on another adventure :)

Today, I am leaving to travel to Rome, Italy to photograph a wedding with my friend Flavio Carnevale I am really thrilled to visit such a beautiful place and to work with a photographer I have admired for a while now :) Click on his name and check out some of his work !!!

I am telling you it is the coolest thing to be me these days !!!!

I have been on overload planning for this adventure and trying to catch up on all the sessions I have been doing so if you have interest in booking a session... PLEASE contact me when I get back and feel free to check in here to see how my adventure is going... I will not be answering emails or phonecalls for a about two weeks .

I am taking my two oldest girls Melody and Maggie with me :) WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SUCH AN AWESOME TIME!!!! It has been years since I have gotten to spend days and night's in a row with my grown up girls and as a momma you can understand how exciting that is going to be for me. I really like the people my kids turned into and we really enjoy eachother. Maggie has a CD she is recording and we plan on taking the pictures for her cover over there and Melody is gracious enough to allow me to use her modeling talents and I plan on making use of every beautiful back drop we see and putting her in a wedding dress and veil and letting me expand my portfolio..... She is a good sport !! I am sure doing that will bring many stories and I can't wait to tell you about them.

The wedding I am photographing is this sunday so after that we are taking several days to run around Italy and play and take amazing pictures !!! I will try to blog while I am over there to let you all in on what we are doing !!! If you want updates more often.... Be my friend on Facebook and check in with me there... I am in love with my I Phone and it is sooo easy to upload snap shots to facebook I plan on sharing adventures that way... Hope to see you all there !!!

Pray for safe travels... I am driving us around over there...

This is going to be so much FUN!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Website finally live :)

I have been wanting to get this website up and running for sometime. I feel very passionate about families staying together and allowing women to feel beautiful and this is a start :)

I began this journey attempting to find a way to use images to bring people together. A woman has many important relationships, both with her husband and with herself. If I can enhance and positively effect your relationship then I have done something good. Life is hard enough, and we need opportunities to stop and enjoy the good things God has given us. I want to create beautiful, elegant expressions of you . It is important to me to create a tasteful selection of images to bring you closer to your husband and to celebrate your womanhood...... helping you to see yourself as the beautiful creature you are.....

Call me and we will discuss what kind of session you would like.... We can talk about exactly what you need to bring and where we will shoot your session. Your pictures will reflect the feeling of the enviroment you chose so pick a location that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and relaxed. Think about your relationship and tell me about it. We will come up with a feeling that is unique to you and how you love your husband. I can make a hair and make-up specialist available for your session for an additional fee.

Your session will be just the two of us so that you can be comfortable. These pictures are your pictures and I handle them with discretion, knowing that they are private. The ultimate goal is to be a positive influence for families staying together. I have enjoyed taking these pictures as an anniversary gift or as a gift to a groom on a wedding day :) or a celebration of womanhood.....

To view my new website... click HERE

Beautiful, Beautiful children... { Atlanta Children's Photographer }

These are beautiful children aren't they ??? I mean look at their eyes... Their eyes eyes look just like their momma to me :) It was a treat for me to get to spend some time with these two... Here are a skinny few from our session !!! Thank you , Holly !!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sweet Family.... { Atlanta Family Portrait Photographer }

This is one of my favorite families :) Katie and Craig have been my friends for years and were sweet enough to have another session with me !!! I can not believe how much the kids have grown ! Thank you for spending time with me I ALWAYS look forward to it !!!