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I am so glad you have come to visit my Blog. I am a momma, photographer, musician, teacher, singer, friend and a female making my way through this life discovering new parts of me and the world everyday. Come take this journey with me... Through my blog, you can look thru my window into what my eyes, heart and camera lens see on my journey... I can't wait to share it with you !

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I believe that treasuring the people in our life not only helps the people in our life but helps US. It is so easy to get so caught up in the daily routine of life that we forget the best gifts are the people that live with us. I want to use my camera and vision to show you what you have in the connections to the people you love. It is the greatest treasure we have in this life. When a mom can see how her children listen to her and respond to her she knows her daily energy into her family is building people. When a man can see that the best life has to offer him is in his own house that is a beautiful thing. It is something I can do. I want to be a blessing and that is what heals me ! I love this job ! I truly believe families can be glued together with one really special photograph. It is such a cool thing to walk into a family feel the dynamics that are unique to their special relationships and translate that into a hard copy image. Sometimes we need to have a real image in our hand of what we hope with our heart is true. I want to do that for you ! I am a proud member of the professional photographers association 770.547.1018

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas from my family to yours :) !!!!!!!

I can hardly believe it is the end of 2009 and we are almost to another new year ! What a difference a year can make. I am really excited to share these pictures with you because they truly represent some awesome things in my life :) Just a year ago , I felt so thankful for my photography business and my beautiful babies ! I was looking forward to a new family member and thinking that the closest I would get to a sweet romantic relationship was to take pictures of other people's relationships.... God is so good ! Just when you least expect the sweetest of gifts.... it is right there :) This has been one of the sweetest years of my life !!! We have the new addition of little baby Sky :) She brings all of us joy ! In addition to loving Sky... God brought three really incredible people into my life .... Robert, Erin and Elise :) Life takes some strange turns. Robert and I have had very different paths that have led us to eachother... we are so happy to be together :) For those of you who are over 40 and think that it just won't happen to you or that there just aren't any good ones out there or that you have messed up to much to ever have sweetness.... I can tell you that God has had mercy on my life and allowed the sweetest things into my life ! Not only has God blessed my personal life but he has seen fit to bless this business :) I am continually meeting new clients and having opportunity to travel and I am so honored to be so close to so many of you ! THIS is a good life ! I can not wait to see what 2010 holds for me , my family and my business !!!!!!! Please take the time to hug the people in your house and make sure they know how much they mean to you !!!!!

Merry Christmas !!!!

This is my favorite picture of ALL TIME !!! I just got a 44x44 of this for my house :)

Sky did not like laying down on the street... her nervous face is so funny ! You should have heard the whiny noises... so funny... the things she puts up with being in our family !

That is my favorite place tucked up under Robert's chin :)

It was sooooo cold and there are a ton of people all piled up in my car.. Caleb is passing the time reading a book and who knows how many in there trying to stay warm while I am looking for who knows what ??? I love my Pacifica ... You can store a ton of props, people baby stuff in that back of that car :)
Meet the family...... Me and Robert :)
Everybody is in birth order... Melody
Ellie and Sky
a few of Robert and his beautiful girls :)

I really love this picture... it is little Sky's hand that just kills me :)
This is precious Kellie Clark. She comes with me and helps me out on Weddings quite often and she was kind enough to come out on this cold day and let me be in a few pictures with my family !!! Thank you KELLIE !!!!!! I love you , child !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

CD Release Party

This past thursday night we had a really big night in our family. Maggie had her CD Release Party at the City Cellar and Loft in Cartersville, Ga. It was the perfect venue and we had such a fabulous time :) PLEASE go and purchase her CD !!! said the momma !!! It is available on I Tunes, Amazon.com or go to her website and purchase it thru paypal :)


My two oldest girls... Maggie and Melody
Sandy and Sky :)
My beautiful babies !!!
How nice to get in the picture everynow and then... Thank you , Robert !!
My Sweet Robert ! I LOVE this Man !!!

Melody working hard for her sister :)
I am soooo proud of my baby !
My sweet forever friend Carla and me :)

Ellie and Mag

Maggie with me and her Daddy :)

Pic's from the shooting of My Maggie's Music Video :)

What an awesome Day !!! It started before the sun came up and lasted until the sun went down. These teenagers put in a long day and stayed up and energized ALL DAY :) Robert and I worked moving stuff and I took a few pictures so you all could experience the day too :) This life is sooooo awesome and so much is happening with my family right now !! I am so busy that I have not taken the time to update my blog as I should :( I promise to catch up soon !!!!! ENJOY part of this day thru the pics !!