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I am so glad you have come to visit my Blog. I am a momma, photographer, musician, teacher, singer, friend and a female making my way through this life discovering new parts of me and the world everyday. Come take this journey with me... Through my blog, you can look thru my window into what my eyes, heart and camera lens see on my journey... I can't wait to share it with you !

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I believe that treasuring the people in our life not only helps the people in our life but helps US. It is so easy to get so caught up in the daily routine of life that we forget the best gifts are the people that live with us. I want to use my camera and vision to show you what you have in the connections to the people you love. It is the greatest treasure we have in this life. When a mom can see how her children listen to her and respond to her she knows her daily energy into her family is building people. When a man can see that the best life has to offer him is in his own house that is a beautiful thing. It is something I can do. I want to be a blessing and that is what heals me ! I love this job ! I truly believe families can be glued together with one really special photograph. It is such a cool thing to walk into a family feel the dynamics that are unique to their special relationships and translate that into a hard copy image. Sometimes we need to have a real image in our hand of what we hope with our heart is true. I want to do that for you ! I am a proud member of the professional photographers association 770.547.1018

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sooooo content and happy :)

Something pretty awesome happened to me :) I married Robert Sims :) My heart could never have expected the unexpected gift waiting for me with the love I have found with this sweet man. I haven't been blogging much because I have been caught up in my own world :) happily :) My pixel Chicks Laura, Alli and Sherry were there with cameras in hand capturing every moment and what a blessing to have my best girlfriends with their crazy talents with me for the weekend !!! For all of you all out there thinking a love story isn't in your future for whatever reason... I am here to say that is what I thought and I can say with my whole heart that MY LIFE is what MERCY looks like :) Jesus is so sweet and kind to lead my life to this place... My heart can hardly take it all in :) Please give prayers of thankfulness on my behalf... My clients, friends, church friends, family and so many I haven't mentioned have played such a huge part in this joy .... THANK YOU !!!! I can't wait to see what happens next ! Here are a few pic's my friends have let me see.... I can't wait to see more !

How fun is this ?

All our babies :)

I love this shot so much ! Thank you , Alli... THIS picture is what the night felt like :)

My bouquet....

Laura , doing her thing :)

Hugging Robert's Momma.. she is such a special woman !

The littlest member of my family... Baby Sky :)

My sweet Pixel Chicks who used their camera on the perfect day !!!
Alli Gaulin, Laura Stetser, Me and Sherry Boles

Presley is here :) { Atlanta Newborn Photographer }

This is the rest of the story :) MEET tiny little miss Presley. Isn't she perfect ? I got to spend some time with Katie and Cole and meet this precious new baby girl and HAVE some FUN !!!! YEY! I love what I do :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

My Heart is FULL !!!

There is so much going thru my mind and heart this week! I am having a very hard time concentrating on anything except what is going to happen this saturday. :) I am marrying my sweet Robert this saturday !!!!!! It is going to be such a special day. Family is celebrating this occasion with us and it will be small, intimate and so special. Three of my pixel chicks are going to make it and help record the day :) It means so much that I am going to have the dearest people with me and that Laura, Alli and Sherry will be here with a camera is sooooo awesome ! I am going to resist the urge to pick up a camera myself.... It is the only request Robert made ;) I think it is totally reasonable !!! So Many people willing to help and so many doing so much ! I feel so loved ! Please continue to pray that everything comes together and goes smoothly and LOVE and Thankfulness will be the focus of the day ! Thank you so much to all my blog followers :) I have to keep you all up to date ;)

Katie and Cole are waiting on their baby :) { Atlanta Pregnancy/ Newborn Photographer }

This was such a fun session for me. It feels like a while since I have done a maternity session and I love them so much !! When I was pregnant with each of my five babies.... it was the most hopeful time I think I can ever remember. Never again is there a time in a womans life that she can truly say that every minute of every day she is doing something completely good for someone else :) I loved being pregnant and having my babies.... Katie and Cole are going to make great parents ! I am so excited to see what their baby girl is going to look like :) Can't wait for the call !!!!